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Sony MegaStorage CD Changer

If you still have a large CD collection, keep all those discs in continuous, rotating play with a CD changer. 300 or 400 Disk Sony MegaStorage CD Changers work like a "Jukebox" and are a great solution for your collection. 


Sony CDP-CX300 MegaStorage 300 CD Changer Carousel

MegaStorage control allows you to select songs or albums that have been loaded. As you load each CD, you can manually enter the album and track names. It also reads CD-Text information which contains album title, track title, and artist name from disks that have it. The machine remembers the text and saves your information. This means you can jump from a classic rock album to a complication CD of classical music and know exactly who's performing a particular piece by reading the display. If you remove that disc and replace it with another, you can easily update the disc's information. You can choose which slot to insert each disc. The JOG dial allows you to rotate the slot within the changer and classify the album by musical group. You can connect an additional Sony changer for access to up to 600 (CDP-CX300) or 800 (CDP-CX400) discs. Featuring two different dials that allow you to play one song while you cue another up, Sony MegaStorage CD Changers are perfect for parties, weddings, and other events.

You need to be careful about buying this vintage technology and ensure they have been refurbished to work correctly. Here's why.

300 and 400 Disk Sony MegaStorage CD Changers have three rubber belts that wear out over time. If they seem to be working today, they will likely not work tomorrow. These 20+ year old belts wear out, stretch, and loose their elasticity. Unfortunately, many people will sell you one of these machines if they appear to be working without changing the belts. The first one I attempted to sell was working but I decided to change the belts anyway. And it was a good thing because the old belts had deteriorated into a sticky mess that would have failed in no time.

Sony CDP-CX355 MegaStorage 300 CD Changer - New BeltsOne belt moves the rotating carousel which holds the 300-400 disks. Another belt moves the mechanism which grabs the selected CD from the carousel and then returns it. These two belts always need to be replaced in these 20+ year old machines. The last belt drives the front door. Many people think this belt never fails and don't change it because it requires a different level of disassembly. I find that this belt does indeed stretch out and should be replaced.

We always replace all three belts in these MegaStorage Changers.

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