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HDMI Converter Bundle for VCR

HDMI Converter Bundle for VCR

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Most modern HD TV's, especially 4K models, do not have analog inputs (AV or Composite Video inputs) to connect legacy devices such as a VCR, VCR-DVD Combo, or Video Game. They only have HDMI inputs. This bundle includes all the cables you need to connect these legacy devices to your modern TV's HDMI Input and upscale to 720p or 1080p. 


  • AV (Composite Video and Audio) to HDMI Converter Adapter
  • High-Quality AV Cable with RCA Connectors (6 ft)
  • High-Quality HDMI Cable (5 ft)
  • USB Cable for Power (20")
  • Instructions

The HDMI Converter has a switch to select 720p or 1080p upscaling resolution to match your TV or Display. The converter requires power from your TV's USB connector or a phone charger (not included).

This bundle converts Analog AV (Composite Video and Audio) signals to HDMI. It does not work in reverse. It is not a video capture device. Please feel free to ask any questions before buying, we are glad to help!

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