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Radio Shack Archer 15-1272A Video Processor

Radio Shack Archer 15-1272A Video Processor

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For enhancing picture details normally lost during duplication. Stabilizer eliminates roll and jitter. Video noise reducer cuts snow. Variable-speed audio/video fader control gives you pro-quality dubs. Has split-screen view of original and processed video. Also has an RF modulator with channel 3 or 4 switch (for old analog TVs only).

Functions have been tested using a VCR as the input source and connecting the output to a TV. Everything works as expected.

This model was offered by Radio Shack between 1985 and 1989. This particular one has a date code label of 5A7 which I believe is the seventh week of 1985. The last photo is from the 1989 Radio Shack catalog. The label on the unit has Model 15-1272A but all the catalogs omit the "A".

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