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Sima SCG ScreenWriter Video Movie Character Generator

Sima SCG ScreenWriter Video Movie Character Generator

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New in Original Package. Includes AC Power Supply and Manual. Cables are NOT included.

  • Simple to use-create titles beforehand and insert with the touch of a button
  • Hollywood effects-zooming, vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Fifteen page storage capacity; 4 super sharp letter sizes
  • User friendly typewriter style keyboard
  • Composite Video Input and Output

NOTE: This is a vintage item from 1994, designed to be connected to a VCR.

The Sima Screenwriter allows you to create professional video titles and overlay them on your recorded scenes or on a blank background while editing or transferring your video tapes.

Titles are first created and stored in the Screenwriter's memory. They are then called up and inserted at the appropriate location on the tape. The Screenwriter provides 12 pages for standard titles and 3 pages for Zoom titles. Four character sizes are available as well as two scrolling functions, bottom to top and right to left typewriter scrolling, which can be used with any standard page.

The keyboard is laid out in a standard keyboard format with a variety of special and international symbols. Titles can be created using a VCR and television set and can be stored in memory for up to one year if the backup battery (CR2025 or CR2032) is installed. The included battery is likely dead because this is the factory-packaged battery from 1994.

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