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Sony SDP-EP9ES Digital Surround Processor

Sony SDP-EP9ES Digital Surround Processor

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NOTE: This is 1997 technology. There is no HDMI and does not decode all the latest audio formats. You cannot connect speakers directly to this - it must be connected to an amplifier.

  • Dolby Digital (AC-3®) decoding for surround sound that is far more dynamic, spacious and realistic; generates 5.1 separate channels of line-level sound for Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, Right Surround and Subwoofer
  • Digital Dolby Pro Logic surround decoding brings home all the excitement and emotional impact of movie sound tracks; decodes and amplifies all the surround channels already encoded in most movie videocassettes, many TV dramas and sports broadcasts
  • Automatic processing selection senses when the incoming signal is Dolby Digital encoded and automatically applies the correct decoding; for conventional PCM digital audio, defaults to Dolby Pro Logic decoding
  • Digital Cinema Sound system - a Sony exclusive that recreates the precise acoustics of real movie production dubbing stages at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California; you'll hear movies the way the producers and directors heard them
  • Digital Cinema Sound 3D processing overcomes limitations in rear speaker placement with Virtual Enhanced Surround, Virtual Rear Shift and Virtual Multi Rear effects
  • 24-bit digital processing decodes the full dynamic range of Dolby Digital sound tracks; exceeds the processing capabilities of previous Dolby Digital decoders; uses 53rd-order x2 FIR filtering for superlative accuracy; performs 44 million digital calculations every second
  • Speaker size setup with bass redirection compensates for inability of many rear speakers to handle the full 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency response of Dolby Digital surround channels; redirects surround bass to the front speakers or subwoofer; 16 possible settings for complete system flexibility
  • Rear-channel stereo
  • Six-channel test tone for system alignment
  • Digital crossover control with five crossover frequencies for bass redirection
  • Digital "i" volume control regulates current to achieve a full 20 bits of resolution at every volume level
  • Digital balance control for superior accuracy
  • Independent digital bass and treble controls for front, center and surround channels
  • Full Feed Forward Digital Filters with 3-stage oversampling for reduced requantizing noise; filter uses 8x oversampling, 45-bit internal processing and 20-bit outputs
  • Current Pulse Digital-to-Analog Converters use highly accurate current source for greater precision than voltage sources, greater immunity to power supply voltage fluctuations
  • Ultra-Rigid Frame & Beam Construction reduces the spread of vibration inside the chassis for reduced microphonics in low-level stages, purer sound
  • Anti-resonant insulator feet with off-center drilling to minimize the transmission of shelf-borne vibration
  • Set-up Wizard steps you through the process of initial set-up; makes sophisticated adjustments easy
  • 20-character dot matrix display for accurate, informative function readouts
  • Motorized master volume control with indicator LED
  • Three Optical Digital Inputs to accommodate DVD Players and other Dolby Digital sources
  • Coaxial Digital Input for high-quality digital-to-digital connections
  • Single Optical Digital Output for high-quality digital-to-digital connections
  • Dolby Digital RF Input Demodulator for Dolby Digital decoding with compatible Laserdisc players
  • Analog Outputs: Front L/R, Center (2), Rear L/R, Subwoofer
  • Bypass Inputs: Front L/R, Center, Rear L/R, Subwoofer. Allows hookup of existing surround processor or preamp.

Approximately 17 W x 3-7/8 H x 14 D, 14 pounds.

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