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Toshiba SE-R0047 Remote Control for DVD Players

Toshiba SE-R0047 Remote Control for DVD Players

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Originally supplied with Toshiba DVD Player models:  SD1700, SD1700U, SD1750, SD1800, SD1800U, SD2700, SD2700C, SD2700U, SD2710, SD2710U, SD2800, SD2800S, SD2900, SD2900KC, SD2900KU, SD310, SD310V, SDK510, SDK510U, SDK600, SDK600U, SDK610, SDK610U, SDK620, SDK620KU, SDK620U, SER0047, SD400V, SD3006, SER0049. 

Also compatible with DVD Player models: SD3950, SD3950SC, SD3950SU, SD3960, SD3960SU, SD430VSC, SD500X, SD500XSS, SDK730, SDK730SU, SDK741, SDK741SC, SDK741SU, SER0107, SER0127. 

Genuine Toshiba, not a knockoff or "compatible" copy.

Battery cover fits securely. Requires 2xAA batteries, not included. Every button has been infrared (IR) tested. Cleaned, sanitized, refurbished. Guaranteed working.

Photos are the actual item you will receive.

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